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Memcached for Kubernetes

Operator by Kubestack alpha

The Memcached operator provides a managed service like experience for Memcache in-memory caches on any Kubernetes cluster. Memcached is an in-memory key-value store for small chunks of arbitrary data (strings, objects) from results of database calls, API calls, or page rendering.


Push-button deploy

Deploy self-driving Memcache in-memory cache clusters with just one kubectl command on any Kubernetes cluster.


Self-driving & scalable

Automated provisioning, operations and scaleability. Full cluster life-cycle compatibility including node maintenance and upgrades. Self-healing recovery from pod or node failures.


Drop-in replacement

No changes to your application code required. Connections are proxied using Mcrouter making complex client side backend pooling and refreshing logic obsolete.


Dynamic reconfiguration

Transparent proxy reconfiguration ensures uninterrupted service with minimal impact on cached data when scaling replicas or rescheduling workloads.


Automatic sharding

Sharding of cached data by key and consistent hashing enables scaling the pool of cache backends to fit growing or shrinking data sets to prevent eviction of hot data.


Seamless monitoring

Built-in Prometheus metrics exporter for monitoring Memcached. Fully automatic integration with the Prometheus operator or easily integrated into your existing monitoring.

Customize Configure Memcached for your application stack

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Deploy Get Memcached up and running on any Kubernetes cluster


To deploy Memcached run this kubectl command:

kubectl apply -f {{ manifest_url.value }}

If you receive an error creating a resource simply re-run the command until all resources return (AlreadyExists).


You can now setup your memcached driver to use the mcrouter service: {{ schema.variables[0].value }}.{{ schema.variables[1].value }}.svc.cluster.local

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Customization and simple deployment are just the beginning. We plan to add many more features to help you run Memcached on Kubernetes.

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