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Prometheus for Kubernetes

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Kubestack helps deploy and run Prometheus on Kubernetes to provide monitoring and alerting for the Kubestack applications in your stack. Prometheus is a monitoring system and time series database.


Push-button deploy

Deploy self-driving Prometheus monitoring with just one kubectl command on any Kubernetes cluster.


Self-driving monitoring

Automated operation and configuration including upgrades, persistence, retention policies, and replicas. Self-driving and reliable monitoring to ensure operational visibility.


Target discovery

Auto-discovers applications and services as monitoring targets and re-configures Prometheus to collect metrics.

Customize Configure Prometheus for your application stack

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Deploy Get Prometheus up and running on any Kubernetes cluster


To deploy Prometheus run this kubectl command:

kubectl apply -f {{ manifest_url.value }}

If you receive an error creating a resource simply re-run the command until all resources return (AlreadyExists).

To access the Prometheus UI you can use kubectl port-foward.

kubectl -n {{ schema.variables[1].value }} port-forward prometheus-{{ schema.variables[0].value }}-0 9090

You can now open the UI in your browser: http://localhost:9090

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Customization and simple deployment are just the beginning. We plan to add many more features to help you run Prometheus on Kubernetes.

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